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21 May 1994 Damodarastikam Bhubaneswar 1:26 mins
18 Aug 1993 Sri Guru is an Intimate Maidservant of Srimati Radharani Bhubaneswar 1:28 mins
8 Jun 1994 Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's Teachings are Practical Los Angles 1:31 mins
16 Mar 1995 Don't Run From Gaura's Embrace Bhubaneswar 1:02 mins
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In Whose Ear Will This Katha Enter?

So the first item is sravanam, hearing, and one who hears is a disciple, but unless you surrender, unless you dedicate yourself, you cannot hear. The katha will never enter into your ear. Whose ear will this hari-katha enter? It will enter into the ear of one who is surrendered. First you must dedicate yourself and surrender, then you will develop nava-vidha bhakti, the nine processes of devotional service. Prahlad Maharaja says (Bhag. 7.5.24), “In my opinion one who has developed nava-vidha bhakti has studied the best. He is the most learned person because he has acquired complete knowledge.” Unless one surrenders he cannot hear. He will have some pride in him. “Oh, I know better!” Such a proud, puffed-up fellow! “What will he say that I should hear?” This hari-katha will never enter into his ears, because he is running after his own name, fame and prestige, material gain or profit. He is not acting for the pleasure of guru and Gauranga, guru and Krishna, so his heart will not be purified.

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