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There are hundreds of MP3 and CD lectures available containing nectarean Krishna Katha as spoken by His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Swami Srila Gurudeva. A full catalog of titles are available for download (PDF) download here or please see a full list of lectures available below. These lectures are available as MP3s or CDs. In order to view the downloaded MP3 lecture catalog, you will need to have a copy of Acrobat Reader installed on your computer or most up-to date web-browsers can view this as a web pdf. A free copy of this software is available from Adobe.com/reader

SGGS Archives is currently converting all analog lectures to digital formats and will periodically update the catalog and website.

MP3 and CD discs are presented in either jewel cases with covers or MP3/CD vinyl pocket/binder books. Each disc is fully labeled and for the larger orders, a printed index of the audio lectures will accompany the discs.

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All the lectures listed below are available for purchase, please send an e-mail or use the website contact form to SGGS Archives, listing the title and/or lecture code of the lecture(s) you would like as well as your mailing address to forward your order. Email sggsarchives@gmail.com.

MP3 suggested pricing is $6.95 per disc. One MP3 disc contains 6-8 lectures per disc and can be customized with lectures of your choice. CDs are one lecture per disc unless noted as a part I & II then it is one lecture for two discs. CDs $6.95 / $9.95 (PI & II)

MP3s and CDs are shipped from Atlanta, GA, USA. Domestic and International shipping available. Shipping charges will be additional and are calculated at the time of the order. To accommodate different budgets, transit times and destinations, SGGS Archives offers various shipping rates and methods depending on how quickly the order needs to be shipped and if it is domestic or international. US Postal Service, UPS and Fedex are all available carriers. All care is taken during the packing and shipping process to ensure the order arrives safely.

Abbreviations: SB: Srimad Bhagavatam, CC: Caitanya Caritamrta, BG: Bhagavad Gita, SP: Special, SF: Sunday Feast, VG: Vaisnava Glorification, VP: Village Program, EP: Evening Program, MD: Morning Darsan, AA: Arrival Address, MP: Morning Program, ED: Evening Darsan.

SGGS Archives CD & MP3 Audio Lecture Catalog







BG90-1030 Satisfy Sri Guru and Sri Krsna, and All Will Be Satisfied 30th Oct 90 BG 9.24 Brisbane
SB90-1101 Understand Sri Krsna in Tattva 1st Nov 90 SB 7.30.31 Brisbane
BG90-1101 Sriman Mahaprabhu Teaches by Example 1st Nov 90 BG 5.29 New Govardhan
SB90-1102 Real Wealth is to Have Sri Krsna 2nd Nov 90 SB 3.33.14 New Govardhan
EP90-1102 Sriman Mahaprabhu Brought Hari-Nama Sankirtan From Goloka Vrndavan 2nd Nov 90 Evening Program New Govardhan
SB90-1103 Material Intelligence is Impure Intelligence 3rd Nov 90 SB 3.33.15 New Govardhan
BG90-1103 Sri Krsna is Not Partial 3rd Nov 90 BG 5.29 New Govardhan
SB90-1104 Hear From A Tattva Acarya 4th Nov 90 SB 3.33.16 New Govardhan
BG90-1104 Sri Krsna Carries What You Lack 4th Nov 90 BG 9.22 New Govardhan
SB90-1105 A True Grhastha is Greater Than a Sannyasi 5th Nov 90 SB 3.33.18-19 New Govardhan
EP90-1105 Unless One Becomes ‘Dina’, One Cannot Do Bhajan 5th Nov 90 EP New Govardhan
EP90-1106 Apparent and Absolute Considerations 6th Nov 90 EP North Sydney
SB90-1107 Cleanse the Mirror of the Heart 7th Nov 90 SB.4.8.5 Sydney
SB90-1108 First Surrender, Then You Can Hear 8th Nov 90 SB.4.8.6 Sydney
EP90-1108 How to Get Out of Material Existence 8th Nov 90 EP North Sydney
SB90-1109 Srimad Bhagavatam Can Only be Understood from a Bhakta Bhagavata 9th Nov 90 SB.4.25.15 North Sydney
EP90-1109 Lord Caitanya is the Most Munificent Incarnation 9th Nov 90 EP North Sydney
SB90-1110 Sense Gratification Brings About Unlimited Misery 10th Nov 90 SB.4.25.16 North Sydney
EP90-1110 Sadhu Sanga Brings About Supreme Perfection 11th Nov 90 EP North Sydney
SF90-1111 Drink Nectar! 11th Nov 90 SF Melbourne
SB90-1112 Accept as Truth What the Mahajanas Say 12th Nov 90 SB.12.9.13 Melbourne
BG90-1112 Only a Simple Person Can Develop Faith 12th Nov 90 BG.4.39 Melbourne
SB90-1113 Your Only Business is to Inquire About Sri Krsna 13th Nov 90 SB.12.9.22 Melbourne
EP90-1113 If You Love Sriman Mahaprabhu Chant Sri Krsna's Name Always 13th Nov 90 EP Melbourne
SB90-1114 Take Complete Shelter of The Holy Name 14th Nov 90 SB.12.10.2 Melbourne
EP90-1114 Where Sadhu Resides, There is Tirtha 14th Nov 90 EP Melbourne
SB90-1115 The Devotion of Srimati Radharani and the Gopis 15th Nov 90 SB.12.10.6 Melbourne
BG90-1115 The Mind is the Cause of Conditioned & Liberated Stages 15th Nov 90 BG.6.26 Melbourne
EP90-1116 If Sri Krsna is Pleased, All Demi-Gods are Automatically Pleased 16th Nov 90 EP Adelaide
SB90-1117 Read, Speak and Hear Srimad Bhagavatam 24 Hours a Day 17th Nov 90 SB 5.6.16 Adelaide
BG90-1117 Sri Krsna Can Only be Approached by Pure Love 17th Nov 90 BG.9.26 Adelaide
SF90-1118 Sri Krsna is the Basis of All Relationships 18th Nov 90 Sunday Feast Adelaide
SB90-1119A&B Sri Krsna is Bound Up in the Heart of His Pure Devotee 19th Nov 90 SB.5.6.18 Adelaide
ED91-1014 Simplicity is Vaisnavism 14th Oct 91 Evening Darshan San Diego
SP92-0317A How Sri Krsna Becomes Sriman Gauranga Mahaprabhu 17th Mar 92 Gaura Purnima Bhubaneswar
SP92-0318 The Advent of Sriman Mahaprabhu 18th Mar 92 Gaura Purnima Bhubaneswar
SP92-0317C The Greed of The Lord 17th Mar 92 Gaura Purnima Bhubaneswar
SPT92-0319 Radha Prema Makes Krsna Mad 19th Mar 92 Gaura Purnima Bhubaneswar
CC92-0430 Vipralambha Bhava - The Fruit of Prema 30th Apr 92 CC Adi 9.49-51 Bhubaneswar
CC-92-0508 Mercy of Sri Guru is Required to be Delivered in Kali Yuga 8th May 92 CC.AdI 10.0 Bhubaneswar
EP92-0527 Sriman Mahaprabhu's Mood at Ratha Yatra 27th May 92 Evening Program Gita Nagari
EP92-0528 The Holy Name Gives Everything 28th May 92 Evening Program Gita Nagari
EP92-0610 Complete Dependence on Sri Krsna 10th Jun 92 Evening Program Vancouver
SP92-0614 Significance of Snana Yatra 14th Jun 92 Snana Yatra Denver
EP92-0626 Who is a Real Disciple? 26th Jun 92 Evening Program Freeport, NY
CC92-0714 Who is Srimati Radharani? Who are Her Sakhis? 14th Jul 92 CC.AdI 10.15-19 Bhubaneswar
SB92-0831 All Devouring Time 31st Aug 92 SB.8.17.25 Bhubaneswar
CC93-0305 Vipralambha Bhava - Sriman Mahaprabhu's Bhajan Dhara 5th Mar 93 CC. Adi 10.159 Bhubaneswar
SB93-0518 The Mercy of Sri Guru is the Seed of Sraddha 18th May 93 SB.4.25.6 Seattle
CC93-0813 Jiva Doya Nama Ruci 13th Aug 93 CC.Adi12.54-57 Bhubaneswar
SB93-0818 Sri Guru is a Dear Girl Companion of Srimati Radharani 18th Aug 93 SB.9.4.17-20 Bhubaneswar
CC93-1104 Mercy of Sri Guru and Sri Krsna is Needed to Preach Krsna Consciousness 4th Nov 93 CC.Adi 13.1 Bhubaneswar
CC93-1105 Only Sriman Mahaprabhu’s Devotees Can Dispel the Darkness of Kali Yuga 5th Nov 93 CC AdI 13.2-6 Bhubaneswar
CC93-1119 Sriman Mahaprabhu is Always in Separation of Sri Krishna 19th Nov 93 CC Adi13.37-41 Bhubaneswar
CC93-1217 Srimati Radharani Talking to the Bumblebee 17th Dec 93 CCAdI 13.42-43 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0223 Srimati Radharani's Prema is Topmost 23rd Feb 94 SB.9.9.18 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0309 Smear Your Body with the Dust from the Lotus Feet of a Mahabhagavata 9th Mar 94 SB.5.12.7 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0316 Srila Prabhupada Created a Revolution 16th Mar 94 SB.9.9.29 Bhubaneswar
CC94-0324 Without Prema Bhakti Your Life is Useless 24th Mar 94 CC Adi13.98-103 Bhubaneswar
CC94-0325 Do Not Disturb the Mood of Sriman Caitanya Mahaprabhu 25th Mar 94 CCAdI13.103-107 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0406 Accept Sri Krsna and Reject Maya 6th Apr 94 SB.9.9.48 Bhubaneswar
CC94-0407 Wonderful Mercy of Sriman Caitanya Mahaprabhu 7th Apri 94 CCAdi 14.1 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0412 Do You Want Sri Krsna or Maya? 12th Apr 94 SB 9.10.4-8 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0413 Activity of Hladini Sakti 13th Apr 94 SB 9.10.9-11 Bhubaneswar
CC94-0414 Sastric Proof of Sriman Mahaprabhu’s Appearance 14th Apr 94 CC Adi 14.10-19 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0418 Calamities are Needed to Remember Sri Krsna 18th Apr 94 SB.9.10.13-14 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0511 Cry More, More, More for Sri Krsna 11th May 94 SB.9.11.1 Bhubaneswar
CC94-0512 Completely Burnt to Ashes 12th May 94 CC Adi14.62-70 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0516 The Intricacies of Union and Separation 16th May 94 SB 9.11.7-16 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0521 Relishing Damodarastakam 21st May 94 SB 9.11.20 Bhubaneswar
HP94-0531 Sri Guru Carana Padma 31st May 94 Home Program American Canyon
SB94-0603 Follow Divine Vanasram Dharma 3rd Jun 94 SB.3.28.2 Berkley, CA
HP94-0603 Why Sriman Mahaprabhu Stayed in Sri Jagannatha Puri 3rd Jun 94 Home Program American Canyon
SB94-0604 Pure Bhakti is the Real Dharma of the Soul 4th Jun 94 SB 3.28.3 Berkeley, CA
EP94-0610 Be Humble and Develp Krsna Prema 10th Jun 94 Evening Program Encinitas, CA
SB94-0617A&B How to Control Your Stupid Mind 17th Jun 94 SB 2.7.48 New Talavan
EP94-0623 Sri Sri Jagannatha, Baladeva & Subhadra Maharani Ecstatic Mahabhava Prakasa 23rd Jun 94 Evening Program Towaco, NJ
MD94-0624 Sri Guru Seva is Everything 24th Jun 94 Morn. Darsan Towaco, NJ
SB94-0702 Sri Krsna is the Only Enjoyer 2nd Jul 94 SB 9.11.26 Bhubaneswar
SB94-0704 He Reasons Ill Who Tells That Vaisnavas Die 4th Jul 94 SB 9.11.27-12.6 Bhubaneswar
SP94-0709A&B Cleansing of the Gundica Temple - Gundica Marjana 9th Jul 94 Special Class Bhubaneswar
SP94-0711 History & Tattva of Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra 11th Jul 94 Rathayatra Bhubaneswar
SB94-0811 The Vedic System of Marriage 11th Aug 94 SB 9.18.23 Bhubaneswar
CC94-0715 Wonderful Lilas of Sri Sri Radha and Krsna 15th Jul 94 CC AdI 16.2-8 Bhubaneswar
VG94-0917 Glorification of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura 17th Sep 94 Appearance Day Bhubaneswar
EP94-1002 With Open Heart Say "Please Sri Krsna, Make Me Your Dasa" 2nd Oct 94 Evening Program Bhubaneswar
VG94-1106 Glorification of an Acarya 6th Nov 94 Disappearance Day Bhubaneswar
CC94-1223 Lord Nityananda’s Childhood Pastimes 23rd Dec 94 CC.Adi 17.11-13 Bhubaneswar
AA94-1228 Sankirtan is Life! 28th Dec 94 Return from Padayatra Bhubaneswar
CC95-0108A&B Are You Tasting the Nectar of the Holy Name? 8th Jan 95 CC Adi 7.1 Mauritius
SF95-0108 All the Mahajana's are Crying, Crying, Crying 8th Jan 95 Sun. Feast Lecture Durban
SB95-0109A&B Be Determined Like Dhurva Maharaja 9th Jan 95 SB4.12.20 Durban
SF95-0122 Why Does Sri Krsna Come to this World? 22nd Jan 95 Sun. Feast Lecture Benin City
SB95-0123 One Should Ask Questions of a Tattva Acarya 23rd Jan 95 SB 1.4.10 Benin City
SB95-0206A&B Sri Guru Seva - Don't Deliberate on Sri Guru's Instructions 6th Feb 95 SB.9.16.1-6 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0207A&B For Sri Guru & Sri Gauranga's Pleasure or Your Own? 7th Feb 95 SB.9.16.7-10 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0209 How Sri Krsna Steals the Heart of Srimati Radharani 9th Feb 95 CC.Adi 16.11 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0211A&B Varnasram Dharma Leads to Bhakti 11th Feb 95 SB.9.16.10-17 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0306A&B A True Vaisnava is in Suddha Sattva 6th Mar 95 SB.9.16.25-28 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0308 Swim in the Ocean of Sri Gaura's Sankirtan 8th Mar 95 SB.9.16.32-33 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0314 Story of Haris Chandra - Honest Kings & Chaste Wives 14th Mar 95 SB.9.16.34-36 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0320A&B How to See Sri Krsna 20th Mar 95 SB.9.18.1-2 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0321 How to Control Lust 21st Mar 95 SB.9.18.3-5 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0329 Six Symptoms of Surrender 29th Mar 95 SB.9.18.24-25 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0330 Sri Krsna Only Accepts Service Rendered with Love 30th Mar 95 CC. Adi17.19-20 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0331 How to Chant the Pure Name 31st Mar 95 CC Adi 17.21 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0401A&B How to Get Free From Material Attachments 1st Apr 95 SB.9.18.26 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0403A&B Transform Lust Into Love 3rd Apr 95 SB.9.18.30-32 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0406A Give Up All Anarthas and Develop Krsna Prema – Part 1 6th Apr 95 CC.Adi 17.24-33 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0406B Give Up All Anarthas and Develop Krsna Prema – Part 2 6th Apr 95 CC.Adi 17.24-33 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0407A&B The Garland of Prema Nama 7th Apr 95 CC Adi17.34-37 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0408A&B You Must Give Up Bodily Attachments 8th Apr 95 SB.9.18.38-39 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0412A&B A True Grhastha is Brahmacari 12th Apr 95 SB.9.18.40 Bhubaneswar
VP95-0413 Jiva Tattva 13th Apr 95 Village Program Gadei Giri
SB95-0416 The Highest Love 16th Apr 95 SB.9.18.40 Gadei Giri
SB95-0417A&B Three Births, Three Fathers 17th Apr 95 SB.9.18.41-43 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0418 Understanding Adhikara 18th Apr 95 SB.9.16.1-6 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0419A&B Speculators Can Never Understand Sri Krsna 19th Apr 95 SB.9.18.45-49 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0421-A Reactions for Vaisnava Aparadha - Part 1 21st Apr 95 CC.Adi 17.45 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0421-B Reactions for Vaisnava Aparadha - Part 2 21st Apr 95 CC.Adi 17.45 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0422A&B Sri Krsna's Beauty is Complete Beauty 22nd Apr 95 SB.9.18.50-51 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0426A&B The Goal of Human Life 26th Apr 95 SB.9.19.5-6 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0428 Our True Position is to be a Servant of Sri Krsna and Vaisnavas 28th Apr 95 CC.Adi 17.66 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0429 No Independence for Women 29th Apr 95 SB.9.19.7-8 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0501 Dive Deep, Get Prema 1st May 95 SB.9.19.11 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0506A&B Understand the Difference Between Lust & Love 6th May 95 SB.9.19.12 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0508A&B Clean the Mirror of Your Heart 8th May 95 SB.9.19.14 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0515A&B Be Strict With Your Mind 15th May 95 SB.9.19.17 Bhubaneswar
AA95-0518 Totally Depend on the Mercy of Sri Guru 18th May 95 Arrival Address Los Angles
SB95-0519A&B Follow Sri Guru's Order - As It Is 19th May 95 SB.9.15.9-12 Los Angles
EP95-0519A&B Material Desires are Endless 19th May 95 Evening Program Los Angles
SB95-0520A&B Offer Your Prayers to Sri Krsna 20th May 95 SB.3.15.3 Los Angles
EP95-0520 How to Become Free From Anxieties 20th May 95 Evening Program Los Angles
EP95-0521 Sriman Mahaprabhu is Ready to Embrace You 21st May 95 Evening Program Los Angles
EP95-0522 Don’t Be a Servant of Your Senses 22nd May 95 Evening Program Fullerton, CA
SB95-0523 Real Education is Here 23rd May 95 SB.4.16.19 San Diego
SB95-0524 The Power of Sri Krsna’s Order 24th May 95 SB4.16.20 San Diego
EP95-0524A&B Glorification of Srila Sanatana and Srila Rupa Goswami 24th May 95 Evening Program San Diego
SB95-0526 Sadhu – The Moving Tirtha 26th May 95 SB.2.6.2-3 San Diego
EP95-0526 Story of Srila Ramananda Raya and King Sri Prataparudra 26th May 95 Evening Program Tucson, AZ
SB95-0528 The Vision of a Premi-Bhakta 28th May 95 SB.2.6.29 San Diego
EP95-0528 How to See Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga 28th May 95 Evening Program New Vrndavan
EP95-0529 The Story of Nava-Vrndavana 29th May 95 Evening Program New Vrndavan
EP95-0531 Everything Belongs to Sri Krsna 31st May 95 Evening Program Tucson, AZ
SB95-0601A&B Krsna Katha is Food for the Soul 1st June 95 SB.7.6.2 Amherst, MA
EP95-0601A&B Kesava Kasmiri is Defeated by Sriman Mahaprabhu 1st June 95 Evening Program Amherst, MA
SB95-0602A&B Make Proper Use of Human Life 2nd Ju 95 SB.7.6.3 Amherst, MA
EP95-0602 The Human Boat Needs an Expert Navigator 2nd Jun 95 Evening Program Amherst, MA
EP95-0603A&B Hard Struggle for Material Existence 3rd Jun 95 Evening Program Amherst, MA
SB95-0605 The Seven Flames of Nama-Yajna 5th Jun 95 SB7.17.33 Amherst, MA
EP95-0605A&B The Purpose of the Lord’s Advent 5th Jun 95 Evening Program Towaco, NJ
SB95-0606A&B Sri Krsna is the Source of All the Demi-Gods 6th Jun 95 SB.1.17.34 Towaco, NJ
EP95-0606 Do Everything for the Pleasure of Sri Krsna 6th Jun 95 Evening Program Towaco, NJ
SB95-0607 Duties of an Ideal King 7th Jun 95 SB.1.17.35 Towaco, NJ
EP95-0607 Sri Gaura is Sri Krsna in the Mood of Srimati Radharani 7th Jun 95 Evening Program Towaco, NJ
SB95-0608A&B Influence of the Ideal King 8th Jun 95 SB.1.17.36 Towaco, NJ
EP95-0608 Glorification of Srila Baladeva Vidyabhusana 8th Jun 95 Evening Program Towaco, NJ
EP95-0609 Work for the Satisfaction of Sri Krsna 9th Jun 95 Evening Program Towaco, NJ
MP95-0610A&B Catch That Thief and Bind Him to Your Heart 10th Jun 95 Morning Program Towaco, NJ
HP95-0613A&B Appearance of Lord Jagannatha 13th Jun 95 Home Program Queens, NY
EHP95-0613 Lord Jagannatha’s Snana-Yatra 13th Jun 95 Evening Home Program Washington, DC
EHP95-0616A&B In Kali-Yuga, Sri Krsna Comes in Disguise 16th Jun 95 Evening Home Program Washington, DC
EP95-0619A&B If You Develop Krsna Bhakti, All Your Work is Finished 19th Jun 95 Evening Program Trinidad
SB95-0623 How to Conceive a Krsna Conscious Child 23rd Jun 95 SB.3.16.33 Guyana
SB95-0701 Chota Haridas Punishment 1st Jul 95 SB.9.19.16 Miami, FL
SB95-0703 Don’t Become a Dancing Dog 3rd Jul 95 SB.9.19.18 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0704 Weapons for Controlling the Mind 4th Jul 95 SB.9.19.19 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0705 Sri Krsna is Crying for You 5th Jul 95 SB.9.19.20 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0706 Sri Krsna and His Name are the Same 6th Jul 95 CC.Adi.17.72-75 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0710 Hear From Sadhu and Cross Over the Material Ocean 7th Jul 5 SB.9.19.25 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0713 The Cat-Vaisnava Philosophy 13th Jul 95 Arrival Address B.V. Manor
EP95-0713 Sri Krsna Never Forgets US 13th Jul 95 Evening Program B.V. Manor
SB95-0714A&B Surrender Everything for the Pleasure of Sri Guru & Sri Krsna 14th Jul 95 SB.4.25.14 B.V. Manor
EP95-0714A&B Such Sadhus are Great Tirthas 14th Jul 95 Evening Program Soho St. UK
EP95-0715 The Purpose of Human Life is to Become Krsna Dasa 15th Jul 95 Evening Program Romford, UK
MP95-0716A&B Gauranga Mahaprabhu Feels Intense Separation From Sri Krsna 16th Jul 95 Morn. Program B.V. Manor
EP95-0716 What is the Necessity of Hari Katha? 16th Jul 95 Evening Program B.V. Manor
EP95-0718A&B All Anxieties Will Go When You Fully Surrender to Sri Krsna 18th Jul 95 Evening Program B.V. Manor
SB95-0720A&B The Difference Between Dharma and Bhakti 20th Jul 95 SB.6.1.12 Wales, UK
ST95-0721 The Glories of the Srimad Bhagavantam 21st Jul 95 Morning Program Rotterdam, Holland
EP95-0721 The Story of Gokama 21st Jul 95 Evening Program Rotterdam, Holland
AA95-0722 This is the Only Unfailing Medicine 22nd Jul 95 Arrival Address Nieuwegein
CC95-0723 Only Bhakti is Required 23rd Jul 95 CC.Mad 6.75 Paris
EP95-0723 Sastric Evidence Indicating Sriman Mahaprabhu is Sri Krsna 23rd Jul 95 Evening Program Paris
SB95-0724A&B How to Inquire From Sri Guru 24th Jul 95 SB.2.8.1 Paris
EP95-0724A&B Crying for Sri Krsna 24th Jul 95 Evening Program Paris
EP95-0725A&B Sri Krsna’s Devotees are Prideless 25th Jul 95 Evening Program Dole, France
SB95-0726A&B Don’t Waste Your Human Birth 26th Jul 95 SB.1.16.9 Dole, France
MP95-0727 Don’t be a Two-Legged Animal 27th Jul 95 Morning Program Toulouse, France
SB95-0728 The Strong Bondage of Family Life 28th Jul 95 SB.7.6.9 Toulouse, France
EP95-0730 Sri Krsna Comes Here for Us 30th Jul 95 Evening Program Porto, Spain
SB95-0801 Don’t be Attached to the Body 1st Aug 95 SB.1.3.32 Brihuego, Spain
EP95-0801 Jiva Tattva, Svarup Tattva 1st Aug 95 Evening Program Brihuego, Spain
SB95-0802 Everything is for Sri Krsna’s Enjoyment 2nd Aug 95 SB.1.3.33 Brihuego, Spain
SB95-0804 The Lord and His Energies and Inseparable 4th Aug 95 SB.4.15.3 Barcelona, Spain
EP95-0804 Think! Are You Really This Body? 4th Aug 95 Evening Program Villa Vrndavan
SB95-0805 The Body and Bodily Relations 5th Aug 95 SB.6.14.40 Villa Vrndavan
SB95-0806A&B Sri Krsna is Your Only Friend 6th Aug 95 SB.6.14.54 Villa Vrndavan
EP95-0807A&B Bhakti is the Only Valuable Asset 7th Aug 95 Evening Program Vincenza
SB95-0809A&B Krsna Consciousness Frees One From All Obligations 9th Aug 95 SB.6.14.56 Villa Vrndavan
EP95-0809 What is Real Renunciation? 9th Aug 95 Evening Program Villa Vrndavan
SP95-0810 Glorification of Sri Baladeva Balarama’s Appearance Day 10th Aug 95 Balarama’s Appearance Day Villa Vrndavan
EP95-0811 History of Ratha Yatra 11th Aug 95 Evening Program Budapest
SP95-0818A&B SRI KRSNA JANMASTAMI 18th Aug 95 Special Discourse Bhubaneswar
VG95-0819 Glorification of Srila Prabhupada 19th Aug 95 Srila Prabhupada's Appearance Day Bhubaneswar
SB95-0821A&B Sadhu's Cure Your Disease Forever 21st Aug 95 SB 9.19.27-28 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0824 From Karma Adhikara to Bhakti Adhikara 24th Aug 95 CC Adi 17.73 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0825A&B Sri Krsna Becomes Submitted to His Premi-Bhaktas 25th Aug 95 CC Adi 17.77 Bhubaneswar
SB95-0830 Vedic Marriage Means Establishing One’s Relationship With Sri Krsna 30th Aug 95 SB.9.20.16 Bhubaneswar
CC95-0901 The Wonderful Nature of Krsna Prema – Sriman Mahaprabhu’s Mercy 1st Sep 95 CC.Adi17.79-89 Bhubaneswar
SP95-0902A&B Radhastami – Appearance of Srimati Radharani 2nd Sep 95 Srimati Radharani's Apperance Day Bhubaneswar
SB95-0905A&B Sri Krsna Will Test Your Love for Him 5th Sep 95 SB.9.20.21 Bhubaneswar
AA95-0910 You Must Have a Pure heart to Get Sri Krsna 10th Sep 95 Arrival Address New Govardhan, Australia
SB95-0911 Your Life is Perfect if You See Sri Krsna Even Once 11th Sep 95 SB.6.4.18 New Govardhan, Australia
EP95-0911A&B How Do You Love Sri Krsna? 11th Sep 95 Evening Program New Govardhan, Australia
SB95-0912A&B We Forget Sri Krsna, But Sri Krsna Never Forgets Us 12th Sep 95 SB.6.4.24 New Govardhan, Australia
SB95-0913 Only Srimati Radharani Relishes Sri Krsna’s Beauty Completely 13th Sep 95 SB.6.4.25 New Govardhan, Australia
SB95-0914A&B Become Mad for Sri Krsna 14th Sep 95 SB.6.4.26 New Govardhan, Australia
SB95-0916A&B Who is the Cause of Our Suffering? 16th Sep 95 SB.3.25.10 Melbourne, Australia
EP95-0916 Give Up 'I & Mine' Mentality 16th Sep 95 Evening Program Melbourne, Australia
SB95-0918A&B Reveal Your Heart to Sri Krsna 18th Sep 95 SB.3.25.12 Melbourne, Australia
SB95-0919 Grhastha Dharma - Atita Seva 19th Sep 95 SB.9.21.1 New Nandagram, Australia
EP95-0919 Don't Allow Crookedness Into Your Heart 19th Sep 95 Evening Program New Nandagram
SB95-0920 One Who Loves Sri Krsna Loves One and All 20th Sep 95 SB.9.21.7 New Nandagram
EP95-0920 The Story of Kalidasa 20th Sep 95 Evening Program New Nandagram
SB95-0921 Be as Tolerant as a Tree 21st Sep 95 SB.9.21.8 New Nandagram
AA95-0921 Visraya Asraya Tattva 21st Sep 95 Arrival Address Adelaide
SB95-0923A&B Good Fortune Comes When One Meets Bonafide Sri Guru 23rd Sep 95 SB.8.6.12 Adelaide
SB95-1004 Human Birth is Meant for Harinama 4th Oct 95 SB.3.21.13 Adelaide
EP95-1004 Srimati Radharani is the Perfect Mirror for Sri Krsna 4th Oct 95 Evening Program Adelaide
SB95-1005 Became Mad to Hear the Glories of the Lord 5th Oct 95 SB.4.9.11 Adelaide
EP95-1005 Spiritual Strength Develops Through Sadhu Sanga 5th Oct 95 Evening Program Bali, Indonesia
SB95-1006A&B There is no Place for Enviousness in Krsna Consciousness 6th Oct 95 SB.5.18.9 Bali, Indonesia
SB95-1008 Get Lord Nityananda's Mercy & Do Hari Bhajan 8th Oct 95 SB.6.3.31 Bali, Indonesia
SB95-1009A&B There is no Fear For Krsna Bhaktas 9th Oct 95 SB.7.9.43 Bali, Indonesia
EP95-1009 Free Yourself From Material Entanglements 9th Oct 95 Evening Program Bali, Indonesia
SB95-1011 Don’t Waste Your Human Birth 11th Oct 95 SB.4.28.39 Jakarta, Indonesia
EP95-1011 Bhakti Yoga is Topmost 11th Oct 95 Evening Program Jakarta, Indonesia
SB95-1017 Hare Krsna Lila from the Lips of a Bhakta Bhagavata 17th Oct 95 SB.12.4.40 Bhubaneswar Farm
SB95-1018 The Defect is Not With Persons or Places 18th Oct 95 SB.9.20.24-26 Bhubaneswar
VP95-1019 How to Find Happiness in a Place of Misery 19th Oct 95 Village Program Gadei Giri
SB95-1022 Without Sri Krsna You Will Always be Incomplete 22nd Oct 95 SB.9.20.27 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1023 The Four Divisions of Each Asrama 23rd Oct 95 SB.9.20.28 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1024 How to Control the Sex Impulse 24th Oct 95 SB.9.20.34-35 Bhubaneswar
CC95-1025 The Position of Lord Siva 25th Oct 95 CC Adi.17.95-100 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1028 Ten Vedic Samskaras: From Conception to Diksa Initiation 28th Oct 95 SB.9.20.27 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1030 Human Birth Affords a Rare Chance to Get Krsna Prema 30th Oct 95 SB.9.20.38-39 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1031 One Who Has True Knowledge of Sri Krsna is Fearless 31st Oct 95 SB.9.21.1-6 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1111 Misunderstanding Ones Adhikara Causes One to Lose Faith 11th Nov 95 SB.9.21.12 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1127A&B Do Not Interfere with the Sadhu's Mission 27th Nov 95 SB.9.21.12 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1128 Sri Krsna is Mad For Srimati Radharani's Prema 28th Nov 95 SB.9.21.13-16 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1129 Conditioned Life is Insanity 29th Nov 95 SB.9.21.17 Bhubaneswar
AA95-1227 Become a Bonafide Member of this Society 27th Dec 95 Arrival from Padayatra Bhubaneswar
CC95-1228A&B Give Me Prema or Give Me Death 28th Dec 95 CC Adi 17.99 Bhubaneswar
CC95-1229A&B Sriman Mahaprabhu and the Astrologer 29th Dec 95 CC Adi 17.103 Bhubaneswar
SB95-1230A&B Svarup Sakti Tattva 30th Dec 95 SB.9.21.18 Bhubaneswar
EP96-0103 The Holy Name is More Merciful Than Sri Krsna 3rd Jan 96 Evening Program Mauritius
SB96-0104 Bhagavta Dharma is Free from Fear 4th Jan 96 SB.4.1.1 Mauritius
EP96-0104 The Power of Sadhu Sanga 4th Jan 96 Evening Program Mauritius
SB96-0105 What to Say to Whom 5th Jan 96 SB.4.8.62-64 Mauritius
EP96-0105 Please Chant Hare Krsna 5th Jan 96 Evening Program Mauritius
SB96-0106A&B Attachment to Women Destroys All Good Qualities 6th Jan 96 SB.4.8.65 Mauritius
SB96-0108A&B The Fearful Power of Women 8th Jan 96 SB.5.1.37 Durban
EP96-0108 Now is the Time for Vanrnaprasta 8th Jan 96 Evening Program Durban
EP96-0109 Develop Simplicity 9th Jan 96 Evening Program Johannesburg
SB96-0110 Why One Becomes Cruel Hearted 10th Jan 96 SB4.13.41-43 Johannesburg
EP96-0110 Faith is the Price 10th Jan 96 Evening Program Johannesburg
EP96-0111 How to Get Bhakti 11th Jan 96 Evening Program Zimbabwe
EP96-0112 How to Avoid the Punishment of Yamaraja 12th Jan 96 Evening Program Zimbabwe
EP96-0113 Harinama is the Yuga Dharma 13th Jan 96 Evening Program Zimbabwe
AA96-0114 Become Perfect, Chant Hare Krsna 14th Jan 96 Arrival Address Lagos
EP96-0115 Give Up Material Life 15th Jan 96 Evening Program Benin City
SB96-0116A&B The Difference Between Lust and Love 16th Jan 96 SB.3.23.55 Benin City
EP96-0116A&B Who Gets Sadhu Sanga? 16th Jan 96 Evening Program Benin City
EP96-0117 Practice and Preach 17th Jan 96 Evening Program Port Harcourt
SB96-0118A&B Purana is That Which Completes Veda 18th Jan 96 Evening Program Port Harcourt
EP96-0118 Sri Krsna is Impartial 18th Jan 96 Evening Program Port Harcourt
EP96-0119 Krsna Katha - Food for the Soul 19th Jan 96 Evening Program Lagos, Nigeria
EP96-0120 Give Up Pride 20th Jan 96 Evening Program Accra
SB96-0121A&B Krsna Consciousness is for Everyone 21st Jan 96 SB.5.1.15 Accra
EP96-0121 The Mercy of Srila Prabhupada 21st Jan 96 Evening Program Accra
EP96-0122 Why Sri Krsna Descended as Sriman Mahaprabhu 22nd Jan 96 Evening Program Nairobi
SB96-0123 Mundane Scholarship is not Enough to Understand Srimad Bhagavatam 23rd Jan 96 SB.3.4.1 Nairobi
SB96-0124 Sri Krsna Acts by His Supreme Will 24th Jan 96 SB.3.4.2 Nairobi
VG96-0125 Glorification of Srila Advaita Acarya 25th Jan 96 Appearance Day Nairobi
VG96-0126 Glorification of Srila Advaita Acarya 26th Jan 96 Appearance Day Bombay
SB96-0128 Brahmana by Behavior 28th Jan 96 SB.9.21.19-21 Bhubaneswar
SB96-0129 Practice What You Preach 29th Jan 96 SB.9.21.22 Bhubaneswar
VP96-0130 Devotees Will do Anything to Please Sri Krsna 30th Jan 96 Village Program Gadai Giri
SB96-0131 Definitions of Vedas and Puranas 31st Jan 96 SB.9.21.26-36 Bhubaneswar
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Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Sri Krsna is Bhakta Vatsala

Krsna said to Uddhava, "That Guru, Acarya who teaches by his own example is My manifestation, acaryam mam vijaniyan. Do not consider him an ordinary human being. All the demigods are manifested there in the person, in the body of the Guru, sarva-deva-mayo guruh, because he is a dear devotee Krsna, a suddha bhakta, a pure devotee, very intimate. Even Krsna Himself serves him, as Krsna served the Pandavas. He became their messenger. Krsna is known as bhakta-bhaktiman. Bhakta is known as bhagavata-bhaktiman. Krsna is always seeking an opportunity how to serve His pure devotee. It is said that Krsna unoticingly follows His pure devotee to take some dust of his lotus feet, He is bhakta-vatsala.

Simplicity is Vaisnavism
24th July 90




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