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Video Library

DVDs with English Subtitles

The list below are DVDs that are available for purchase and are being continuously updated so please check back regularly if you have purchased some already. They are published and distributed by the Srila Gour Govinda Swami Tape Ministry in Bhubaneswar. These DVDs are good quality and available in PAL format with complete English sub-titles. Please contact SGGSArchives@gmail.com for more information. If you are visiting India these DVDs can be purchased directly at the ISKCON Sri Sri Krsna Balaram Mandir and ISKCON Vrndavan. Please contact Drubha Maharaja Prabhu of ISKCON Bhubaneswar for more information.

For USA Residents: please note these DVDs are in the PAL format. A modern USA TV and DVD player will most likely be able to play these discs but individual TV and DVD player manufactures will need to be checked for compatibility. NTSC video discs are in production, please contact for more details.

Ref. Abbreviations: SB: Srimad Bhagavatam, CC: Caitanya Caritamrta, BG: Bhagavad Gita, SP: Special, SF: Sunday Feast, VG: Vaisnava Glorification, VP: Village Program, EP: Evening Program, MD: Morning Darsan, AA: Arrival Address, MP: Morning Program, ED: Evening Darsan. City Abbreviations: BBSR: Bhubaneswar, HTF: Hartford, CT, USA, MAU: Mauritius, CES: Cessnock Farm, VIC, Australia, NGV: New Govardhan Farm, NSW, Australia, MEL: Melbourne, VIC, Australia, GDG: Gadei Giri, Orissa, India, BRI: Brisbane, QLD, Australia, FRE: Freeport, Long Island, NY, USA, BAL: Baltimore, MD, USA, NMY: New Mayapur, France, COV: Coventry, UK, WAL: Wales, UK

Two Part Lecture DVDs

DVD 1 950321 SB9.18.3-5 BBSR The Principals of Vedic Marriage, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 2 950407 CCAdi 17.34-37 BBSR Garland of Prema Nama, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 3 950408 SB9.18.38-39 BBSR The Madness of Lusty Desires, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 4 930317 SB8.23.9-10 BBSR Pure Devotion Destroys the Bondage of Karma, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 5 950404 SB9.18.33-36 BBSR Without Sadhu Guru One Cannot Overcome Maya Disc1&2
DVD 6 950406 CCAdi17.24-33 BBSR Krsna Prema is Guaranteed, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 7 930522 EP HTF Don’t Disturb the Mood of Gauranga, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 6 930325 CCAdi11.14-15 BBSR Prema Tattva, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 7 950215 SB9.16.24 BBSR Uddhava Sandesa, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 8 960105 SB4.8.62-64 MAU Bhakti Adhikara, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 9 920929 EP CES Difference Between Sri Gaura & Sri Krsna Lila, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 10 950322 SB9.18.6-12 BBSR Mercy of Sri Caitanya, Crows Become Swans, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 11 950718 WAL Sri Krsna's Four Merciful Instructions, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 12 960106 SB4.8.65 MAU Our Behaviour Should be Related with Krsna, Disc 1 & 2
DVD 13 930327 SB8.24.1 BBSR The Holy Name Contains all Mellows, Disc 1 & 2

Single Lecture DVDs

DVD 14 901113 EP MEL If You Love Mahaprabhu, Follow in His Footsteps, Disc 1
DVD 15 901114 EP MEL The Fleeting Nature of Material Happiness, Disc 1
DVD 16 901112 BG4.39 MEL A Vaisnava Has Childlike Simplicity, Disc 1
DVD 17 950313 SB5.14.8 GDG Oh! Gopinath, Disc 1
DVD 18 930313 SB8.22.34-36 BBSR The Strong Boat of Sadhu Sanga, Disc 1
DVD 19 920930 & 921001 EP CES Sri Gaura Tattva, Sri Guru Tattva, Disc 1
DVD 20 901027 SB8.7.22 BRI The Glories of Lord Siva & BG3.37 Lust & Anger Disc 1
DVD 21 901113 SB12.9.22 MEL We Only Survive to Get Sri Krsna, Disc 1
DVD 22 930323 SB8.23.17-29 BBSR The Blindman's Philosophy, Disc 1
DVD 23 930523 SF FRE Get Krsna in This Very Life, Disc 1
DVD 24 930719 SB1.5.11 NMY Preach Fearlessly the Message of Guru & Gauranga, Disc 1
DVD 25 950717 EP COV Beggar of Krsna Prema, Disc 1
DVD 26 930601 BG6.30 BAL Vraja Prema in the Gita, Disc 1
DVD 27 930318 CCAdi11.5-8 BBSR Sistatva Prayer of a Disciple, Disc 1

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Srila Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja

Sadhu Mahajanas Pray for us

Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura is praying for us. Feeling one with us, he prays. You cannot understand this thing. You are such a fool. Their heart bleeds for us. Such sadhus, mahajanas, their hearts beat for us seeing our suffering. So they pray for us. Yes. This is prayer you have to offer. Yes. So by their mercy we will be able to achieve that success, yes. Sadhus mercy, Vaisnavas mercy, guru-krpa. Without that mercy how can you offer such a prayer? No possibility. Not at all possible. I am murkha. I am dumb. I cannot utter one word. How can I utter these things? Sri Guru karuna. Without the karuna, mercy of Sri Guru, I cannot utter such prayers. Guru, Sadhu, Vaisnavas mercy, bas.





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